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July 2020 Tax Newletter

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Happy New Year! Here is our first newsletter of the new financial year.

  • Tax time 2020 is here – With the great disruptors of the Australian bushfires and the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the associated government economic stimulus measures, there are some key tax-related matters for everyone to be aware of this year.
  • Expanded instant asset write-off for businesses – If you’ve purchased assets for your business, remember that you may be eligible to claim an immediate deduction under the instant asset write-off, which was recently expanded.
  • Additional cash flow boost coming for businesses – If your business is one of many that received the initial cash flow boosts as a part of the government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus measures, prepare for more help coming your way.
  • ATO scam calls may soon be a thing of the past – Australian telcos, the ATO and the ACMA recently collaborated on a three-month trial of technology to block scam calls appearing to originate from legitimate ATO phone numbers.

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July 2020 Tax Newsletter

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