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July 2021 Tax Newsletter

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Here's our first tax newsletter for the new financial year, which contains important information on:

  • Temporary COVID disaster payments: A temporary payment is now available to assist workers living or working in a Commonwealth declared hotspot who can’t attend work and earn income because of state-imposed health restrictions. 
  • Private health insurance rebates frozen: The income thresholds for the private health insurance incentive have not been indexed to keep pace with inflation since the 2014–2015 income year.
  • New ATO data-matching program for Cryptocurrency: The ATO has recently issued a reminder that capital gains tax does apply to crypto-asset gains or losses.
  • ATO economic stimulus compliance measures: Businesses that have accessed government economic stimulus measures need to take extra care with increased ATO scrutiny expected this end of financial year.
  • Personal use assets and collectables in SMSFs: Holding a wine collection, artworks, or even a classic car in your SMSF is now possible - if you follow some strict rules. 

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